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Professional Conferences

To receive a brochure for a future conference, email or call Memorial Medical Center's Health Line at (217) 788-3333 or toll-free at 1-877-217-7883.

Upcoming Conferences


Pam Pietruszewski, MA

Motivational Interviewing for Meaningful Behavioral Change

Featuring Pam Pietruszewski, MA, Integrated Health Consultant for
National Council for Behavioral Health

Friday, December 4, 2015 | 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation, Springfield, IL


Pam Pietruszewski, MA


Continuing Education

Credits will be available to all attendees for the following licensed professionals:

  • Counselors
  • Social Workers
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Contact Hours are available for licensed nurses.

CEUs for other license categories may be available depending on the conference's topic.

MHCCI and Human Services Education Council had a long history of partnering to bring national- and international-known speakers to Springfield.

Past speakers

  • Xavier Amador, PhD - I AM NOT SICK - I Don't Need Help! How To Help Someone With Mental Illness Accept Treatment - April 2015
  • Phillip J. Resnick, MD - Risk Assessment of Violence: Predicting Violent Behavior - Can It Be Done? - November 2014
  • Michael S. Scheeringa, MD, MPH - Posttraumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents: Assessment and Evidence-Based Treatment - December 2013
  • Ross W. Greene, PhD - Collaborative&Proactive Solutions for Behaviorally Challenging Kids and their Caregivers - October 2013
  • Vikki L. Vandiver, MSW, DrPH - DSM-5: An Overview of Changes and Challenges - July 2013
  • Kristin Dempsey, MFT - Motivational Interviewing: A Collaborative Approach to Influence Change - March 2013

  • Ira Chasnoff, MD & Christine Schmidt, PsyD - It’s All About Relationships: Trauma, Attachment and Regulation - December 2012
  • Scott D. Miller, PhD - The Therapeutic Alliance in Behavioral Health: Translating Research into Evidence-Based Skills for Enhancing Engagement and Outcomes - November 2012
  • Raul Almazar, RN, MA; Janice LeBel, PhD; Sharon Wise, MHS - Trauma-Informed Care: A Change in Perspective - April 2012
  • Mary McKay, PhD, LCSW, and Michael Lindsey, PhD, MSW, MPH - Engaging and Retaining Families Throughout Treatment: An Evidence-Based Approach - October 2011

  • Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. - Surviving & Thriving in the Era of Accountability: Improved Effectiveness Through Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed Treatment - June 2011

  • Ronald J. Diamond, M.D. - Recovery from Schizophrenia: Making it Real - February 2011

  • Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. - Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: Treating Children with Complex Trauma and Disorders of Attachment - October 2010 

  • Mariann Blacconiere, LCSW - Suicide: Prevention, Risk Assessment and Intervention - April 2010

  • Risë VanFleet, Ph.D. RPT-S - Play Therapy: Working with Children Through Creative Expression - February 2010
  • Fred. Volkmar, M.D. - Autism and Asperger's Disorder: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment - December 2009
  • Phillip J. Resnick, M.D. - Darkness Visible: Violence Risk Assessment of the Mentally Ill - September 2009
  • Eric Youngstrom, Ph.D. - Bipolar Disorder Across the Life Cycle - April 2009
  • Paul J. Frick, Ph.D. - Developmental Pathways to Conduct Disorder: Implications for Understanding Severely Aggressive and Antisocial Youth - February 2009
  • Eric Youngstrom, Ph.D. - Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Clinical Presentation, Assessment Strategies and Treatment Planning - September 2008
  • Phillip J. Resnick, M.D. - Legal and Ethical Issues in Mental Health: Malpractice Avoidance, Malingering and Deception, Confidentiality and Privilege - June 2008
  • Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. - ADHD in Children and Adolescents: Nature, Diagnosis and Management - March 2008
  • Reid Meloy, Ph.D., ABPP - Violence Risk and Threat Assessment for the Mentally Ill - September 2007
  • M. David Rudd, Ph.D. - Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk - February 2007
  • John Gunderson, M.D. - New Perspectives on Borderline Personality Disorder: Keeping on Track with Challenging Clients - September 2006
  • Courtenay Harding, Ph.D. - Reclaiming Lives: Helping People with Persistent and Serious Mental Illness - April 2006
  • Charles R. Figley, Ph.D. - Trauma and its Wake: A Systems Approach - February 2006
  • Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. - ADHD Across the Lifespan: Nature, Diagnosis and Management - October 2005
  • Fred Volkmar, M.D. - Autism and Asperger's Disorder: An Update on Understanding and Interventions - April 2005
  • Sandra Kopels, J.D., MSW - From Subpoena to Trial: Courtroom Preparation for Human Service Professionals - February 2005
  • Charles R. Figley, Ph.D. - Transforming the Hurt of Helping: Practitioner Compassion Fatigue in an Age of Terrorism - November 2004
  • Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., CAS - Addiction as a Solution to Trauma: Understanding Addiction Interaction Disorder, Trauma Bonds and Sexual Addiction - October 2004